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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Netherworld 10.30.2014 from Paul Clark on Vimeo.

Google Inbox Invites

On Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 Google announced “Inbox” by Gmail which is an enhanced Gmail service. Think of email on steroids. Instead of just getting text based emails you can now confirm directions, appointments, connect with friends and pretty much everything else related to socializing through the web. Very much like Gmail back in April of 2004 Inbox is only available to those with an Invitation. This is sure to change in the near future but as of October 2014 you must have an invite to access Inbox.
If you are looking for a Google Inbox invite please comment that you are looking for an invite and your email address. If you have invites to give make sure to let it be known. I would imagine Inbox will be very similar to Gmail in that the first batch of Beta users will get 100 or so invites. At this point I do not have any invites and I have yet to use the Google Inbox. It is important to note that Inbox looks as if it will work much better on Android when compared to iPhone or iOS products. That said, with Google being so good at Gmail it is hard to imagine this service won’t be amazing on all devices.


I wonder if this will work, so deciding to open my comments up in the off chance that  the both of you who read this have invites :)