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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Updated iWork Scores

NovaBench Score

Now need to do both sides of Euclid, but there have been no hardware changes. I doubt I'll get up to 2336 like SLCgoth's work machine. wow.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Euclid Rebuild /Stick Of Truth / Bravley Default

"Jew huh? So I guess we'll never really be friends." - Cartman

For some reason, the EFI doesn't like to see the windows partition. When trying to dual boot from the save drive, it was not working as expected. This will motivate me to do one of two things. Either I pony up the cash for a new solid state drive for the windows side, or I keep Windows on the HDD 1 TB that it is on now. The OSX re install has gone perfect; the only thing out of the box not working from using the myhack method was dual displays. I ultimately had to invoke the dsdt I had on google drive and run the latest multibeast. I need to update the Nova bench scores on Euclid/ Euclid_ and iWork... but for now, just playing a lot of stick of truth. I really like this gimme so far. It is like a really long episode of south park. There are some graphical glitches, and the game has already been mostly patched. I hate to go big corporate with it, but shout out to game fly digital, where I bought the steam key that was for 38 bucks!  I am just athe part where blah blah plot twist blah blah. I really enjoy the fact that you can use a controller for the game. When I am not doing that, I am playing Bravley Default, which is awesome as well. Yay 3DS.